Challenge Fail!!!!

Big Fat Fail.

I started the 31 Day Bolg Challenge really strong (well, I thought I did) and I was so far ahead with post scheduled here thereand everywhere. I was a little smug.

As the weeks went on I was even blogging on my phone – actually I quite like that app. And I was struggling to blog every day.

But then a Monday came around, that absolutly knocked me for six, I mean it sent me spirlling off the map so much, I was really suprised.
I knew that the Monday would be difficult but it hit me harder than I thought it would, I went to an unexpected funeral – I’m not going to go into too much detail – but it shook me to my core.

So much so, that I didn’t want to blog, or generally be happy or even do my skincare routine.

Have you ever felt like that? I haven’t felt like that for a long time.
And I don’t want to feel that bad for that long again. things will always hit you hard and sadly it is something that you cannot avoid (if we could and I could do something about it – I would in a heatbeat) but what I can share is those little things that you can do tomake you feel a little better.

    Shower/bathe – I know it’s a simple thing but it is true – feeling clean is such a great feeling and you will feel better for it.

      Having a good cry – I mean it, ball your eyes out, you know the type of cry, where you can’t breathe or talk properly, eyes puffy and red. I find that a film always help. The two that help me the most is the Notebook (obs) and Marely and Me – who doesn’t ball at those films.
      In fact, I have found myself breaking my heart over a baby elephant in a David Attenborough programme, to where family members became concerned when I went to make a brew and saw me in a state!

        Spend time with your friends. Listen to them, laugh with them and confide in them, they are you friends after all.

          For some people acknowledge that you are struggling can help, it lets the people close to you that you need a bit of slack and help from them.

            Although junk food sounds amazing, and it is, limited yourself – healthy food does make you feel better – there are loads of recepies out there for “naughty healthy foods”.

            What makes you feel better?

            It’s ben just over a week. I feel so much like my “normal self” (what ever that is).
            Gone but not forgotten.

            Kayleigh x


            31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 24

            Day 24 – fave childhood book

            I was a bit of a bookworm as a kid.

            I think my absolute  all time fave was The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.

            Just getting lost in all of the stories, I just loved it. I would read for hours and hours.

            Was always happy when I had my head in a book.

            I wish I read more now.

            Kayleigh x

            Day 25 – an old photo of me?? (Will have to find one) tomorrow

            31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 22

            Day 22 – The best thing to happen to me this year.

            Are you bored of this yet? MY HOUSE.

            We have had to do some unexpected work, like the roof and the front door!

            Man, they were both really expensive! Seriously. But now the work is done, they both look so lovey..and my roof is the most beautiful roof I have ever seen, I think I have become a roof snob!

            My door is lovely and it letsso much light into the hallway which is great.

            I never thought that I would get excited over things like, full electrical re-wire, whole house re-plaster, new roof and frint door.

            As we are only in April It doesn’t matter I think it will still be the best thing that has happened all year (yes, I lead a sad little life). Well..perhaps actually moving might be a little better probably! (or if Chris proposes, but we shall see, ha!)
            Kayleigh x

            Day 23 – My dream job tomorrow

            31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 21

            Day 21 – My 10 favourite foods

            I quite enjoyed writing this psot, although it was difficult to narrow it down to just 10!!!

            1. Pizza – Mainly Chicken, mushrooms and sweetcorn
            2. Seafood – all of it
            3. Pasta – again all of it
            4. Toast!!!!!!
            5. Eggs
            6. Pineapple
            7. Grapes
            8. Nuts
            9. Chippy Chios
            10. Coffee…that’s a food right!

            So there is my list of 10 favourite foods. I’ll probably remember more in an hour or so that I love too andwish I’d of put it on my list, but nevermind.

            Kayleigh x

            Day 22, The best thing to happen to me this year, tomorrow

            31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20

            Day 20 – A difficult time in my life.

            And breathe…..It would have to be when my Nanna passed away.

            I am going to keep this short as it is still difficult for me to talk about, even though it has been a long time, 2012.

            I think why it was so personally difficult, is that it was my Nanna, my little round Nanna.

            Sometimes you never knew if she was happy for not, she was quick to give you a clout round the back of the head, had a look that would stop you in your tracks and would do anything for you.

            A phrases that I will miss from her is, “you’re a villan” – who is going to call me that now? A Villan!

            I am not going to go too much in to this but it is a difficukt time in my life.

            What made it hard/easier and I know that makes no sense, but Chris’ Grandma also passed away at a simliar time.I think it total it was in the space of four weeks, Chris’ Grandma and my Nanna, had passed away and both had there their funerals.

            The support from him and hopefully he felt supported from me, we got each through it.

            So there you have it, a difficult time in my life.

            I still struggle to visit their grave (my Nanna and Grandad are buried together)

            Kayleigh x

            Day 21 – My 10 Favourite foods, tomorrow.

            31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 19

            Day 19 – what do I collect?

            Lip Balms.

            It’s not so much a collection but it is something that I have loads of.

            I mean it, I think right now I have 3 in my car, 2 next to my bed, 2 in the zip section on the front of my bag, 3 in the main section of my bag, 1 in my make up bag (only 1??).

            Thats all I can think of right now. But I do have more….I know I do. I am obessed with soft hydrated lips. My problem is I am a sucker for packaging and marketing/I haven’t tried that before.

            If I had to narrow it down to two (right now) Dr Lipp Orginal Nipple balm for lips and plamers coco butter.
            Oh also dr organic bioactive skincare organic virgin cocnut oil.

            So there’s my current too three.

            Probably not the what i collect post you were looking for…but I don’t collect anything, lip balms are what I have the most of.

            What are your lip balms suggestions???

            Do you want a post on the lip balms that I have? I have tried loads!

            Let me know.

            Kayleigh x

            Day 20 – a difficult time in my life tomorrow.

            31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 17

            Day 17 – proudest moment.

            When Chris and I got the keys to the house we bought.

            I’d begun to think that we/I would never own our home, and I was alright (not mega happy) about that.

            And then we embarked on the loooongest ‘adventure’ of saving for our deposit, battling and I mean battling credit scores and finding a house.


            Two and a bit years later we have our house! Not moved in yet as loads pf work is still needed, but it is the thing I am most proud of!

            Kayleigh x

            Day 18 – the meaning behind my blog name tomorrow